Friday, June 01, 2007

A slow day at the office

There is an interesting post over at Alistar that is worth checking out. Here is a snippett:

"We live in a youth-driven society. Whether in the media or on the web, older people are hardly visible. For instance, the very fact that most of our theological discussions occur online prevents most elderly people from having any active voice in the conversation. When older people appear in the media, they are often ridiculed. Their style, their tastes, their knowledge of the world, their ethics and their values are all out of date. The new and the young are to be celebrated and the old is to be sidelined and dismissed.

The Church should be one place where a radically different culture prevails. It should be a place where older generations are honoured and treated with respect, even when they are wrong. Biblical societies are generally ruled and led by elders, not by young turks. Many contemporary evangelicals have forgotten this and their churches are driven by the desires of their young people and the most influential leaders are under the age of 40 (ideally, it seems to me, churches should not be led by people under the age of 50)."

This is also worth checking out, especially for the Barthians out there.


byron said...

especially for the Barthians out there.
Does that include you? Oh, by the way, thanks for the CD - got it yesterday.

Moffitt the Prophet said...

Yes, I remember doing one of those silly quizes two year ago and discovering that I was 96% Barth and 85% Calvin and being quite shocked by it. But I think I can more or less wear that label - more or less.