Tuesday, June 19, 2007

1 in 10 Christians live with persecution

For as many as 200 million people, being a Christian can mean:

• You live in daily fear of violence, abuse, rape or even death
• Just talking to a non-Christian friend about Jesus could land you in jail
• You carry a social stigma affecting the jobs you can get, or how your children are treated in school

These people are our family. While they are the one in ten, we are the other nine. We live with freedoms they are often denied, such as to worship together in public, own a Bible or even repair the roof of the church building.

That’s why Barnabas Fund is launching this new campaign – to call on the other nine to care more for their persecuted brothers and sisters.

Because we are the ones with the power to make a difference.

Use the links below to discover how, through Barnabas Fund, you and your church can be there for your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Order your The Other Nine resource pack which includes a DVD, Ideas Booklet, Leaflets and prayer cards together with a poster. All designed to help you get your church on board. Order your pack today.

Pray - Join thousands in lifting the persecuted Church before God. And enhance the prayer life of your church or home group.

Understand - Knowledge is essential if we are to love our neighbours as Jesus showed us. Barnabas Fund provides resources, training and information to help you and your church respond to Islam in an intelligent, compassionate, Christian way. Find out more…

Give - Through Barnabas Fund you and your church can do so much for Christians who suffer for their love of Jesus. Donate online now.

World maps of persecution

Africa (3.6 MB)
Central Asia (3.6 MB)
South Asia (3.8 MB)
The Middle East (3.6 MB)

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