Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Photos of the Mountains Bush Fire from my House

The 40,000 ft plume has been compared to an atomic mushroom cloud, and can now be seen from Sydney.

These are the strangest fires ever - no one has no idead what they are doing because they aren't doing what fires normally do. At least the string winds powering the flames are driving the smoke out of the upper mountains into Springwood and the city. Oh yes, the main smoke plume is a concern as it is 40,000 ft high and causing its own weather patterns.

These pictures are my own and taken from out the front of my house and on top of a certain tall public building in Katoomba. You can find it more here.


Moffitt the Prophet said...

My brother, who is in the rfs, told me that trees in the Grose Valley are falling over as the fire approaches because it so dry, the roots are starting to push upwards looking for water, and so can not hold themselves to the ground and withstand the strong winds and fires.

byron said...

We're just getting soot from the fires in the last 15 minutes or so here in Camperdown.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos man, that wouldnt be a certain water tower would it? Happy Birthday Matthew, May Christ keep you.