Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear God...

How do you feel about people starting prayer with 'Dear God' or Dear Heavenly Father..."?

And how would you suggest a better way forward?


alison said...

I usually start with "Lord..."

You know, yesterday, during our work Easter service, one lady prayed "dear God", Except it was in the middle of the prayer, not at the start, and she was saying it as "beloved God" not "I'm going to write a letter to God".

It was nice; it reminded me of how wonderfully close God is, and also it reminded me of you :P

Mike W said...

on the one hand, I'm kind of fine with it, though i do like as many specifics as you can fit in. Merciful, raiser of Jesus, almighty, god of armies, father, dangerous, jealous...and so on.

On the other hand, it sound like something formal without reverence. I mean who even starts e-mails with 'Dear...... 'Anymore? So it may not be a phrase of general chumminess, but the idea that talking to God really belonged in an era before the 50's, with general politeness being the wisest posture.