Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hope We Can Believe In?

As part of the 2010 Sydney Festival, ABC Radio National hosted an event called Hope 2010: Crisis, Catharis, Renewal. Nine panelists were asked to talk about what they hope for in 2010. The Australian public were also able to "offer their hopes, fears and dreams for 2010."

Of interest to readers of hebel will be the contribution by Michael Spence. Dr Spence in the Vice Chancellor of Sydney University. He is also an ordained Anglican minister. I heard Dr Spence on Saturday night, and he said that his Hope 2010 speech was an opportunity for him to give 'account of the hope that is in you' (cf. 1 Peter 3.15).

You can listen to Dr Spence's address here.

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byron smith said...

"Love - self-giving, self-sacrificial, unsentimental, others-oriented love - is at the centre of reality."

"Acceptance is the opposite of hope. [...] Hope claims the right to look for and struggle for a world in which all those enemies of love - hate and all its children - are defeated."

"Resurrection is possible. There can be real victory over the enemies of love, both in our own lives and more generally."

"There are just as many pathological reasons for belief as for unbelief."

Good stuff! I'm glad he's at Sydney Uni and I'm glad he's at St Mary's too. And the fact that he made it from ontological difference to Babe in two sentences was particularly impressive. :-)