Friday, August 21, 2009

I am the Very Model of a Modern Evangelical

I've been waiting for this for a long time. Thanks to my friend James, I finally have the words to "I am the very model of a modern evangelical". This was produced by some EUers in 2002 for Annual Conference and later for the AFES National Training Event.

If you try and sing, keep in mind that's it intended to be sung by two people. And although it is written to Gilbert and Sullivans "I am the very model of a modern Major-General", the words don't fit the music. There may also be longer versions out there, somewhere.

I am the very model of a modern evangelical

I am the very model of a modern evangelical
I have a Bible knowledge which is really quite incredible
I know my Stott and Carson, and I keep a copy by my bed,
Of Calvin's Insitutes, which I have not ... well which I might have read.
I keep all of my sermon tapes in order of chronology,
They help me with my grasp of all that Biblical theology
I have a Koorong discount ard, and so it isn't hard to tell...
That... I'm the very model of a modern evangelical...
(He is the very model of a modern evangelical x3)

I have been to KYC, Kyckstart, KYLC and MKC
And KEC and OKC, my favourite: WKC!
KYLC a few more times, but never will again, you see—
Because it falls far short of that eternal triumph... NTE

Well, I'm at Sydney Uni, ipso facto I am in EU,
I go to public meetings twice a week and every BBQ,
I lead a dozen small groups and I'm on a score of student teams,
I sometimes go to classes where I go to sleep and EU-dream...
I wait all year for NTE and for our Annual Conference,
But this I must submit to you in every bit of confidence,
That this guy here does more than me and so I guess I ought to tell...
That he is the very model of a modern evangelical!
(He is the very model of a modern evangelical x3)

I've had ninety seven girlfriends since I came to Christ three months ago
I had a few engagements and because the girls would come to know,
That I'm too old— I guess I very slowly had to come and see,
That evangelicals must marry off before they're twenty three...


Matthew Moffitt said...

I have to admit that the last section about 97 girlfriends is pretty weird.

Toby said...

There's an older version of this (and more general, not EU specific) which I think is very funny
I think it's been around for about 40 yrs.
I'd like to hear it sung, but I don't think there's any recordings. MTC should get it going in one of their reviews for old-times sake, then it would surely get onto youtube.

Jeremy Smith said...


Mike W said...

ooo, that last verse is biting

Sonia said...

Hey Matt! This is old school. I had a copy that you (or Christian Anderson- so easy to get you two mixed up) emailed to me in second year. I had it on my wall for a while until I realised that it was weird.