Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Books: A Meme

In an effort to help further the Christian blogging community, I'm starting a meme. I'm going to give you a list of theological book categories. Here are the AMENDED rules: 

i. List a helpful book you've read in this category; 
ii. Describe why you found it helpful; and 
iii. Tag five more friends and spread the meme love.

Here are the categories (in no paricular order):

1. Theology
2. Biblical Theology
3. God
4. Jesus
5. Old Testament
6. New Testament
7. Morals
8. (Church) History
9. Biography
10. Evangelism
11. Prayer

I'm going to go and think about my answers, but in the mean time I'll tag Steve, Duncan, Chris, Byron, Michael and you.


byron smith said...

Here's mine. I even beat you! I knew I had to be quick or you might take some of my books... :-)

Matthew Moffitt said...

Argh, you punk. I still might repeat some of them.

Nice amendment to the rules...I think I might have to change it myself.

byron smith said...

Haha - the early bird gets the worm.