Friday, July 20, 2007

O'Donovan on resurrection

In proclaiming the resurrection of Christ, the apostles proclaimed also the resurrection of mankind in Christ; and in proclaiming the resurrection of mankind, the proclaimed the renewal of all creation with him. The resurrection of Christ in isolation from mankind would not be a gospel message. The resurrection of mankind apart from apart from creation would be a gospel of a sort, but of a purely Gnostic and world-denying sort which is far from the gospel that the apostles actually preached.[…] So the resurrection of Christ directs our attention back to the creation which it vindicates.
- Oliver O'Donovan. Quoted by Rob Forsyth, AnCon 1998 "Resurrection - the dawning of hope...".


byron said...

What a shame - did any O'D make it in?

Martin Kemp said...

Just make sure you boys maintain respect.

cardboardsword said...

It didn't make it in, but it certainly rings with the same vibe!

What did he mean in the last sentence? Particularly, what did he mean by "attention"?

Moffitt the Prophet said...

Just make sure you boys maintain respect.

Yes Sir.

Were you down there on the Tuesday night?

Sorry Marty, I've seen you at Mike West's engagement party and Christian Anderson's Birthday Party and haven't introduced myself.