Sunday, March 25, 2007


It has now been 200 years since the British stopped trading African slave around the Globe. 200 years since Wilberforce, one of the founders of my new employers, was victorious in the British Parliament. The Anglican church out at Wilberforce is celebrating, but I wonder how we modern evangelicals would react in similiar circumstance today. I heard several times during uni in conversation at from the pulpit that peolpe don't have a problem with slavery and so if they were placed in similiar circumstances, wouldn't attempt to end slavery..."because the bible doesn't say to".

Of course, the problem has seemed only to have become worse in these past 200 years. According to CMS UK, there is now some 27 million people ensalved. 27 million people in slavery! And as a christian in a western succesor state to the British Empire, I don't know how to approach this problem, because the story I've grown up with is that slavery stopped in the 19th Century. How can I bring the Lordship of Jesus and the achievment of his resurrection to bear on this question?

Let me mull over this for a few days. But you may like to cheek out this publication from CMS-UK.

10 points for telling me where the statue is and who lies next to Wilberforce.

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byron said...

Westminster Abbey, along with everyone else. He is next to his friend Pitt.