Friday, February 09, 2007

Anglicanism 4

To have a break from Rowan Williams, here is a warning to the "true church"
from JC Ryle.
"On this rock I will build my church, and the gates
of hell will not overcome it" (Matthew 16:18)
This is that Church to which belong the Lord's precious promises of
preservation, continuance, protection, and final glory.  "Whatsoever,"
says Hooker, "we read in Scripture, concerning the endless love and
saving mercy which God shows towards His Churches, the only proper
subject is this Church, which we properly term the mystical body of
Christ."  Small and despised as the true Church may be in this world, it
is precious and honorable in the sight of God.  The temple of Solomon in
all its glory was nothing, in comparison with that Church which is built
upon a rock.

Men and brethren, see that you hold sound doctrine on the subject of "the
Church."  A mistake here may lead to dangerous and soul-ruining errors.
The Church which is made up of true believers, is the Church for which
we, who are ministers, are specially ordained to preach.  The Church
which comprises all who repent and believe the Gospel, is the Church to
which we desire you to belong.  Our work is not done, and our hearts are
not satisfied, until you are made new creatures, and are members of the
one true Church.  Outside of this Church there can be no salvation."
I wonder how many of today's evangelicals would be uncomfortable with the last line and be tempted to change it to "Outside of this faith..."? mmm.

10 points if you can tell me how many people were bishop of Liverpool prior to Ryle.