Monday, December 11, 2006

Genesis 3 and the Ashes

"And your seed will be ooh Ahh, England will bruise his heel, but he will crush their head."

- Michael Wells


Anonymous said...

Genesis 3 has more than one link with the Australian cricket team.

"And to Adam [the ICC] said

'Because you have listened to the voice of your [mother] and have eaten of the diuretic tablet of which [we] commanded you, 'You shall not eat it . . .''"

Anonymous said...

Whoops - that should say, "And to Shane . . ."

Anonymous said...

Go Glenn, Go Brett, Go Haydos, Go Aussie Go
(this is from tdix's sister)

Moffitt the Prophet said...

I didn't know tdix had a sister. Learn something knew every day