Friday, April 22, 2011

New Testament for Everyone

I was searching Tom Wright's website this evening for an update on when volume four in Wright's Christian Origins and the Question of God would be published. It looks like a published date has been set for 2012.

But 2011 will still be a busy year for the good scholar-bishop, with several new books being released this year - including a whole translation of the New Testament. Wright's books being released this year include:
  • Simply Jesus. London: SPCK.
  • The Kingdom New Testament (this was provisionally known as The New Testament for Everyone). London: SPCK. This is Wright's full translation of the NT taken from the various Everyone volumes.
  • Revelation for Everyone. London: SPCK.
  • Early Christian Letters for Everyone. London: SPCK.
  • Scripture and the Authority of God, second edition with two substantial new chapters. London: SPCK.
Wright's first book, Small Faith, Great God has been re-released - an interesting as he once commented that this would be a very different book to what he would write now.

Now I'm just waiting for Paul and the Faithfulness of God. Bring on 2012!

You should also check out Wright's Can We Believe in the Resurrection on ABC Religion.


Mike W said...

I'm sure you have loads of the for everyone series, but Fishpond was doing a rather cheap preorder deal for the whole set, due out september or october I think

JT said...

Its coming out in a few weeks in the Uk..sorry guys!! The title is I'm pretty certain 'The new Testament for everyone'. I think it will be the modern J B Philipps version and for me will likely be far more useful than say the Message!
John Tancock (JT)

JT said...

Great site btw Hebel!

John Tancock (JT)

JT said...

here is my review of the new translation by the good Bishop!!

Sipech said...

I spoke with Tom today at a booksigning. Current estimated publication date of Paul And The Faithfulness is now "sometime in 2013."

Matthew Moffitt said...

2013! Ah Man...