Thursday, October 07, 2010

October is...

Mental Health Month. According to a Commenwealth Government survey in 2007, one in every five Australians experienced some form of mental illness. This is a relevant issue to all segments of our society. And ANGLICARE are encouraging churches to do something about. Besides calling on the state and federal governments to improve their mental health services, ANGLICARE is providing resources and the encouragment for churches to welcome and support Australians with mental health.

So far ANGLICARE have provided general information and a fact sheet about mental health, a specific fact sheet and advice for churches, and prayers to use in church for people in mental health. There will also be more information and a motion at the Sydney Anglican Synod in the next fortnight.
"As Christians the reality of mental illness is something we can not ignore.Its prevalence means that it is likely we will know of a friend, loved one or someone sitting next to us at church that has been affected by mental illness. We are also likely to be affected ourselves. If we are to continue to uphold biblically-minded mission, we must bring God’s Word to bare upon the realities that confront us." - Peter Kell, CEO ANGLICARE Sydney
ANGLICARE was also involved in a story that was shown on the 7:30 report last night. Highlighting ANGLICARE's program for young carers, you should check out the transcript here.

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