Friday, October 01, 2010


$190 - For $190 the 14 volume Church Dogmatics by Karl Barth could belong to you (as long as the Australian Dollar stays at $0.969 US Dollars). This is a bargain - the magnum opus of one of the most influential theologians of the twentieth century. Usually $995 US, this is a 90% discount. And it's Karl Barth. How many other theologians have appeared on a stamp, annoyed Hitler and on the cover of Time Magazine? And the word on the street is that they look hot.

So should I buy it? Well...maybe. I have this in the back of my mind. And I want to know how on earth they can sell it so cheaply? Is someone being poorly paid so that the publishers can afford to give such a massive discount? Or have the earth's resources been cheaply devoured to supply my cravings?

Who knew Church Dogmatics could inspire so many ethical questions in the mind of a Gen Y Australian?


Mike W said...

yeah, i succumbed last week. As far as the ethical questions go, I'm sure you waste far more paper on less weighty things.
And knowing you, you will probably read the thing, which is more than most of the people who buy it

byron smith said...

Mike's points are true, though it's also worth knowing that the full text is online and searchable if you want the "cut to the chase" rather than "immerse yourself in ancient 20thC wisdom" approach.

Chris said...

I don't know if this is ethical or not, but my set got shipped from the US ... via Swiss post! Awesome.

Matthew Moffitt said...

@Chris: via Swiss post? Fantasic! Which series is your set from?

Chris said...

My friends and family splashed out on the 31 volume Continuum study edition (for my 30th birthday).