Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why My Vote Is Still Up For Grabs: II/V

"The church gives a the interpretive skills, a truthful understanding whereby we first see the world for what it is. People often complain that the political agenda of conservative Christians looks suspiciously like the political agenda of conservative secularists-the Republican party on its knees. And it seems inconceivable that an agency of any mainline, Protestant denomination should espouse some social position unlike that of the most liberal Democrats. The church is the dull exponent of conventional secular political ideas with a vaguely religious tint. Political theologies, whether of the left or of the right, want to maintain Christendom, wherein the church justifies itself as a helpful, if sometimes complaining prop for the state...The church does not exist to ask what needs doing to keep the world running smoothly and then to motivate our people to go do it. The church is not to be judged by how useful we are as a 'supportive institution' and our clergy as members of a 'helping profession'. The church has its own reason for being, hid within its own mandate and not in the world. We are not chartered by the Emperor." - Hauerwas & Willimon, Resident Aliens, pp.38-39.
What Hauerwas and Willimon are critiquing is the idea that one political party is automatically more Christian or more biblical than others. No political group should be automatically entitled to my vote, because my loyalty isn't to a certain political persuasion, but to our Lord Jesus Christ.

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