Saturday, January 09, 2010

'Virtue Reborn' or Tom Wright sneezes out another book

After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters

Tom Wright is set to release another another book in March 2010: After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters (or Virtue Reborn in the UK).

'After You Believe' completes the trilogy that began with Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope (did any one else know this was going to be a trilogy?). What does the book cover? According to Tom:
"[I]n America there is a well-known problem that involves the perception of new converts that, having “prayed the prayer” or “accepted Jesus” or whatever, and being assured of salvation after their death, there seems to be a vacant slot in the in-between bit.

So… what (other than personal evangelism to get more people into the same position) is one supposed to be doing? What happens, in other words, “after you believe”? I have met this pastorally, so I am aware of the problem, though I have to say it isn’t nearly as common or obvious a problem in the UK (we have other problems but not so often that one!).

The US and UK editions are slightly different in the introduction and first chapter, reflecting these different perspectives. By the end of the first chapter they are more or less the same! I hope the two books catch their intended audiences."

You can read more from Tom Wright's interview with Trevor Wax here.

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