Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mike Raiter's 7 Pieces of Exhortation

Alison and I have just returned from CMS Summer School. We'd been in Katoomba since New Years Eve to set-up the site and prepare for the conference. And the conference was great! Over 3500 people gathered over the week to hear the bible taught, pray for missionaries they support and praise God for his work in the world.

Mike Raiter was the main speaker, and his talks on Luke 9-11 were a highlight of the week. Mike was a Moore College lecturer who moved to Victoria a few years ago. Knowing the audience so well, and yet returning to NSW with fresh eyes, Mike was able to give uniquely challenge the audience to follow Jesus throughout life and to let his word dwell richly amongst you. (If you're interested, the first talk is available here).

Mike finished the last talk with seven pieces of exhortation, which are summarised below:
  1. Keep on teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. Annually visit 'a heart specialist'. Some one who knows you & loves you and isn't afraid to tell you the truth.
  3. Practice humility. "Not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of your self less" - CS Lewis.
  4. Remember the only heart you see is your own. Don't be a pharisee (Luke 11.37-54).
  5. Regularly check your bank statements, and see how generous you've been.
  6. In your prayers, make sure you regularly include confession.
  7. Be an encourager. The path of discipleship is tough.
Mike Raiter concluded the week with these words: "We are not under the law, but under grace. So be people of grace."

With the end of Summer School yesterday came the conclusion of my employment with CMS. It's been three years that I'm genuinely thankful to God for; working with the CMS-NSW staff, missionaries, churches and supporters. From Monday I start my traineship with the EU Grads Fund (on which see this).

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