Monday, January 11, 2010

Fast Facts About Sydney University #1

In 2009, 34% of students were post grads.
(Photo: Ken Finis)

I'll be working with the EU postgrad faculty this year.


Mike W said...

busy couple of years ahead then eh

meredith said...

Interesting. Its a higher proportiont han i wuold have thought. I wonder how many postrgads are research students? They have quite a different expereience to say, masters of commerce students, i tihnk.

BTW, I hope your preparation / research includes familiarising yoruself with the best stuff at ... its scarily true stuff!

Matthew Moffitt said...

Hi Meredith. Good point.

In 2009 USYD had:

- 3905 research postgrad students
- 12236 coursework postgrad students

Thanks for the phdcomics link, I'm sure that I'll be aquanting myself with it in the coming weeks :)

sydneysynecdoche said...

Hey Matt, did I tell you I may be post-grad this year? Which means you may be working with the faculty in which I will be a student. Fun times.

Also, Phd comics, hilarious!

byron smith said...

Yes, PhDcomics is required reading.

And perhaps it is worth thinking of quite different strategies for working with research vs taught postgrads. Meredith is right to say the experience is very different.

Matthew Moffitt said...

Yes, since posting this I have discovered that the postgrad ministry I'll be involved in will focus mainly on the research postgrads (in science, arts, engineering etc.).