Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hans Kung on Priestly Celibacy

"Since the Second Vatican Council in the 60s, many [Roman Catholic] episcopal conferences, pastors and believers have been calling for the abolition of the medieval prohibition of marriage for priests, a prohibition which, in the last few decades, has deprived almost half of our parishes of their own pastor. Time and again, the reformers have run into Ratzinger's stubborn,uncomprehending intransigence. And now these Catholic priests are expected to tolerate married, convert priests alongside themselves. When they want themselves to marry, should they first turn Anglican, and then return to the church?"

Hans Kung on the Roman offer to Anglo-Catholics.


Mike W said...

Hey Matt,
I read some interesting stuff recently, I can't remember where, but it was arguing that the catholic church instituted celibacy because the family had become the main unit of political power, and celibacy was a way of protecting the church from worldly machinations of inheritance.

I wonder, since money is now the chief instrument of continuing worldly power, if the church would consider giving up all the cashola

Matthew Moffitt said...

I think I read something similar recently. Seems like a bit of a knee jerk reaction though.