Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CMS-NSW has recently launched an e-journal: Landscape.

Landscape will be published twice a year, and aims to provide a deeper analysis of theology, culture, and missiology than CMS is currently able to do in some other publications. It also seeks to capitalize on the new media that is now available. So you will be able to find in issue one a photo essay on a young woman's life in South Asia. There is also a video interview with a Nigerian Bishop on the front line between Christians and Muslims in Africa.

Other highlights include the article by Alix Baumgartner on the cultural identity of missionary children; and David Williams essay on idolatry in Australia. David is the Development and Training Secretary for CMS-Australia. Previously a doctor in England and then Principal of Carlile College in the slums of Nairobi, David is responsible for the development of CMS missionaries, staff and members.

You can find Landscape at:

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