Monday, May 04, 2009

AMENDED: A Day in the Life of CMS

Here is a small project that I've been involved with at work.

This is the NSW version:

And this is the general version:

A Day in the life of CMS

If you could take one photo to represent a day in your life, what would it look like?

We asked our missionaries to document a typical day in their lives and ministries, and the result is ‘A day in the life of CMS’ – a two-minute DVD celebrating the service of over 150 missionaries in some 35 countries across the world.

Lecturing in a Bible college in Malaysia, equipping university students for lives of gospel witness in France, modelling Christian marriage in a village in DR Congo…the DVD is a whirlwind tour of CMS’s global ministry. CMS missionaries are engaged in many different ministries, in diverse locations across the globe, but they are all living and serving for the sake of one gospel, one Lord. ‘A day in the life of CMS’ is one day, inspired by one vision – to see God’s Church growing in all the world as lives and communities are transformed by Christ.

Just released to your church, this short DVD is an exciting snapshot of God’s work around the world. But it also poses a challenge to us as we engage with one another in God’s global mission. It costs $245 to keep one CMS missionary family on the field for one day. With CMS’s annual Catch the Vision Appeal running through May and June, will you take the opportunity to keep our missionaries on the field for one, two or many more days?

Donate online at: or call (02) 9267 3711

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