Thursday, April 02, 2009

University Catholics

I was meeting Alison at uni during the week, and noticed the newest posters for the (Roman) Catholic society's weekly talks. This week the subject was 'Protestant Reformation or Revolt?' This is the latest in the long line of particularly pointy talks from Catholics on Campus aimed at...?

Actually, I'm not too sure who Catholics on Campus (COC - a very unfortunate name) are really trying to target - although I do have some ideas. The arrival of George Pell as Catholic Archbishop also saw an increase in Catholic activity at university (i.e. the John Paul II Resource Center was opened in 2002). The aim was to bring catholic 'black sheep' back into the fold of Catholicism, and to provide a catholic club for all the Catholics who had previously been involved in groups like EU. The culmination of course was WYD08. And it has increased catholic zeal at uni.

But COC has an alternative target. And an alternative name of my own creation: EPOC - Evangelizing Protestants on Campus. With talks like 'What does Jesus say about Justification?' and 'The Protestant Error of Biblical Inerrancy', it has been pretty clear for several years now that COC have been organizing talks that only protestant evangelicals might be interested in.

One of my earliest posts on hebel was on the attractiveness of Catholicism to Protestants. However, the polemics if COC leave much to be desired if they really are trying to Evangelize Protestants on Campus.

EDIT: Justin has posted on about Swimming up the Tiber.


tdix said...

I hear what you're saying about EPOC Moff. When I was studying a history course on the reformation in S2 '06 I saw some posters for a talk on (or against) Sola Scriptura. I went along and saw a good Catholic friend from my course in the lecture theatre so I sat next to him.

The talk was polemic and not very persuasive. But the guy giving it was definitely preaching to the converted. I think I was the only non-Catholic there. At the end my friend was apologising to me.

The saddest thing for me was the extent to which the guy talked down the Bible, in order to exalt other teachings.

Matthew Moffitt said...

I think I had that very talk and your comments on it in the back of my mind when writing this post.

Anonymous said...

I think the term Catholics like to use now is "evangelisation".
Check out Tim Staples.