Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Idea About Preschools

In 1947 the Sydney Anglican Diocese synod established the Sydney Anglican Schools Corporation (SACS). Beginning with five schools, it now owns and controls 15 schools which cater for over 10,000 people. That is over ten thousand students each year that are presented with a Christian worldview. The object and mission of SACS "To establish and operate efficiently, strategically
placed Anglican schools offering quality education, which are financially accessible to local communities and communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to students, staff, parents and the wider community". That sounds pretty good.

My question is - why don't we have something similar to manage our preschools? There are literally dozens of preschools all around the diocese that different parishes have established over the years (e.g. Ashfield, Gladesville, Merrylands). A unified, diocesan wide corporation that controls the preschools would be brilliant. It would maintain each preschools 'Christian' character, focus of the preschools purpose and vision, and take up the organisational burden from the parishes. The downside is that remove some control from the parishes to centralised organisation. But this shouldn't be too much of a problem if each parish is given representation on the preschool councils (and probably a majority of seats on the council).

This could be a significant investment from the diocese as we continue to know, love and serve Jesus, his church, and the world.

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