Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just Walk Across the Room

Recently at church, we had in an integrated series of sermons and bible studies on sharing a gracious witness - evangelism - which is one of CCIW's 'five means of grace'. The theme we used for the four weeks of studies came from Bill Hybel's book, Just Walk Across the Room (for more details check out Chris Swann's post).

It's encouraged Alison and I to keep trying to meet our neighbors. We live an apartment complex of 5 buildings that make up 50 units. Everyone generally keeps to themselves, so although this is third year I've lived here, it's been hard meeting people.

So this Easter, we took a simple step and gave all but one unit in our building Easter eggs and a little note from us. It has seemed to go well - some people even gave us an Easter egg back or a thank you card - and it's been great for meeting people and learning names. Our prayer is that we can keep making these connections and build friendships here.

I mentioned that there was one unit that we didn't give Easter Eggs to. This was a bit risky - they could have felt slighted by it - but we did it because they're Greek (they often have the Greek priest round for barbecues on the balcony), and Greek Easter is today. So we waited a week before giving them their present. We even included 'Greek style' dyed eggs, because we wanted to be culturally sensitive towards them (see photos below). Pray that it would be start of many interactions, as Alison and I live out the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our apartment.

Alison wrapping up eggs for dying.

All the eggs wrapped up for dying. They have leaves on them to create patterns.

The finished product.


byron smith said...

How did it go? Did you get to meet them? Did they like the eggs?

Matthew Moffitt said...

They're upstairs now having a BBQ with their priest. He comes round a quite often. I didn't get to meet them, but Alison did. It's a start...

Giving out Easter Eggs was really useful for meeting everyone.

byron smith said...

Great - I wonder if you could try to introduce yourself to the priest as well? Might be a good ecumenical experience to actually get to know an Orthodox priest and understand him a bit more.

Matthew Moffitt said...

Yeah - I might try that.

I think we'll do something similar at Christmas. And next year Easter is the same day for east and west, so that should make life easier.