Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"The Church Must Stop Trivialising Easter" - Tom Wright

'Easter was the pilot project. What God did for Jesus that explosive morning is what He intends to do for the whole creation. We who live in the interval between Jesus's Resurrection and the final rescue and transformation of the whole world are called to be new-creation people here and now. That is the hidden meaning of the greatest festival Christians have.

This true meaning has remained hidden because the Church has trivialised it and the world has rubbished it. The Church has turned Jesus's Resurrection into a “happy ending” after the dark and messy story of Good Friday, often scaling it down so that “resurrection” becomes a fancy way of saying “He went to Heaven”. Easter then means: “There really is life after death”. The world shrugs its shoulders. We may or may not believe in life after death, but we reach that conclusion independently of Jesus, of odd stories about risen bodies and empty tombs.' Christians must keep their nerve: the Resurrection isn’t a metaphor, it’s a physical fact, NT Wright, The Times, 11 April 2009.

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Mike Bull said...

Spot on. Gnosticism's body disappears inside a red mist. Wright blows the smoke from the small barrel of the Apostles' Creed, and opens his mantle to display a fully loaded New Testament to the cowering girls in purple.

But there is more to this...

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