Thursday, April 09, 2009

Book Reviews

After reading this book review of TROTSOG on AFES websalt, I went searching for this book review written several years ago by Rob Forsyth and finally found it hidden away on the SAD website.

If anyone hasn't read The Resurrection of the Son of God, what are you waiting for?

"Do I really recommend a book of nearly 800 pages and costing over $80? Certainly I do. Bishop Tom Wright’s Resurrection of the Son of God is one of the most significant books on the resurrection and the heart of the Christian gospel published in my lifetime. It has an important message to Christian liberals, to us evangelicals, and to unbelievers as well."
- Robert Forsyth, Southern Cross, 2003, Sydney Anglican Media.

EDIT: That modern shibboleth - Mark Driscoll - has offered his two cents TROTSOG.
Picture from AFES.

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Anonymous said...

Surely Mark Driscoll is the post-modern shibboleth.