Thursday, December 04, 2008


Quotes from SUEU AnCon 2003: The End - Promise, Presence, Perfection by Andrew Katay.

Christian Eschatology
"'See,' says God in his final speech in the Bible, 'I am making all things new. All things will not become new through some natural process or human program of works, but must be made new: made new, that is to say, by the same creator God who made them in the beginning and who graciously holds them in existence from moment to moment. Thus this is a genuine newness which wholly transcends the state of the here and now with its tragic limits, yet which does not collapse into a novelty in which this creation is no longer the object of God's concern and action, having effectively been abandoned and replaced by the another." - Bauckham and Hart, Hope Against Hope, p. 69.

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