Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Forget The Congo

Remember to keep the Democratic Republic of Congo in your prayers, especially if you read this story in today's SMH:

"The Congo war has been going for more than a decade. The International Rescue Committee says about 45,000 people die a month, and since the war began 6 million have died and 1.4 million have been made homeless. In this latest flare-up of fierce fighting, a further 250,000 people became homeless in three weeks. The ceasefire last month and the peace agreement in January signed by the rebel leader Laurent Nkunda have failed. Among the many horrors of this war are the stories of thousands upon thousands of women, girls and children who suffer brutal sexual violence, which is the worst in the world, the UN says." - Michelle Rice, Nowhere For Women to Hide.

The Barnabas Fund are running a campaign to provide aid and relief to Congolese people, particularly those in refugee camps. They also provide this prayer point:

Please pray for the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, that the fighting will stop and there will be an end to the suffering of innocent people. Pray for those who had to flee their homes and do not know if they will be able to return any time soon, that help will reach them quickly. Pray that aid agencies will soon be able to find the many thousand refugees who seem to have disappeared without a trace in the territories of North Kivu, and get aid to them. Pray that living conditions in the refugee camps will improve quickly, and that the Lord will prevent an outbreak of cholera. Pray that Christians caught up in the situation will find hope in the Lord and bring encouragement and comfort to others.

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