Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Change is Coming...Maybe

"In our idolization of modern secular democracy we have imagined that, provided our leaders attain power by a popular vote, that’s all that matters, and that the only possible critique is to vote them out again next time round. The early Christians, and their Jewish contemporaries, weren’t particularly concerned with how people in power came to be in power; they were extremely concerned with speaking the truth to power, with calling the principalities and powers to account and reminding them that they hold power as a trust from the God who made the world and before whom they must stand to explain themselves."

-N. T. Wright, Where is God in 'the War on Terror'?
With the election of Obama (which I think is great) and all the talk of change and America fulfilling it's 'manifest destiny' and perfecting it's union, go and read this superb post by Byron - The Change We Need: Reflections upon Obama.

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Mark Justin Josephs said...

really digging on this blog. Great stuff... keep it up... If ya come to the states please check out Myrtle Beach.....

Moffitt the Prophet said...

Sure, I've heard about Myrtle Beach SC. I've only been to toursit places - LA and Hawaii - when I was a kid, but I would love to go exploring.