Monday, August 13, 2007

Work Conversations

"What are up to this afternoon?"

"I'm heading off to Moore College, I might drop by Moore Books and pick up some Barth"

Blank look.

"You do know Barth is right?"

"Oh yeah, you mean the band don't you?"

"The Band! No. He's a theologian, one of the greatest theologians of the 20th Century"

"Smeh, they say that about everyone."

"Yes, but this time it's true."


Djlpap said...

hehehe, u mean Karl barth, the Swiss reformed theologian :)

The guy that said God has made self knowledge of himself through the trinity and that the bible points to the revalation of himself to us. (I hope my reformation history is right lol)

tdix said...

yeah - isn't he the one who had some stern things to say about baptising babies?

byron smith said...

I think Mr Moffitt is one of the greatest theologian of the 20thC.

When Stanley Hauerwas was nominated America's Best (Living) Theologian by Time magazine in 2001, he replied "Best is not a theological category".

andrewE said...

This is great Moff.