Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weekend in another diocese

I was able to spend the weekend working for CMS in various parts of the Newcastle Diocese, having contact with people form the Central Coast, Newcastle, Maitland, Port Stephens, Foster, Taree and Laurieton (Port Macquarie).

One funny thing was that several evangelical churches were giving out Southern Cross, but not the Newcastle Anglican paper, Anglican Encounter.

It was interesting to observe churches who have a zealous desire to love and serve Jesus, even in places that surprised me. Sadly, the evangelicals are scattered and divided. They are to be found and the extremities of the diocese, so rarely meet and hardly know each other. What is more, because they don't know each other, they are highly distrustful of each other, and too busy calling each other Anglo-catholic to put on a united front.

Please pray for the church in the Newcastle diocese, that they would be united in gospel of Jesus Christ, which has power to bring Jews and gentiles together, let alone low-church and high-church people, especially with the potential election of a new bishop in two and a half years 9depending on what happens at synod this year).

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