Tuesday, May 15, 2007

non-engagement party picnic

At this stage, the picnic is DEFINENTLY ON. The forecast is fine for Saturday.

If you haven't heard, the details are below. 10 points for telling the first European to own the land where this picture is taken.

Dear friends,

On January 22, Matt made Alison walk 5 km to catch a ferry. He then
asked her to marry him. She said "Yes".

We never really had an engagement party, and never really will. But
it's always fun to get together with friends, so we are holding a
non-engagement picnic.

(A picture of Alison and Matt in case you forgot who they are.)

When: May 19
Where: Peace Park, Ashbury
What time: 12pm

BYO meat, picnic blanket, and a bowl of salad or dessert to share.

Don't worry about presents, because it's not a party!
We'll provide sporting entertainment and games. Feel free to bring
your bike or rollerblades!

Lucky door prizes for:
a. environmentally friendly transport
b. long distance travellers

If wet, check out http://absurdity-of-absurdities.blogspot.com for details.

RSVP to Alison or Matt by Monday, May 14th.


Martin Kemp said...

Richard Johnson

Anonymous said...

Theoretically he wasn't - because the land given to Johnson was a Crown grant, the first European owner was probably King George III :-)

Andrew said...

Hang on ... "10 points for telling the first European to own the land where this picture is taken."

This is impossible, right? Surely the first European to own this land is dead now? So how could I tell him where the picture is taken?