Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From around the web

1. Pope rules ok. Or, 'Growing Together in Unity and Mission'

2. TEC put on notice

3. The other Moff (in this case, moffatt) the value of knowledge and learning in the evangelical community.

4. Discipline and the Lord's Supper - Some thoughts by Andrew Errington.


Justin said...

Hey Moff.

I think I just pressed a button on your Blog about the possibility of it having 'objectionable content'! I was doing a search, and pressed the wrong button.


Have we met Moff? At EU?

Thanks for the link.

cardboardsword said...

So many "Christians", so little Bible...

AndrewE said...

Thanks for the link mate. Keep up the funny quips about churchmanship.

Moffitt the Prophet said...

Hey Justin,

yeah, just briefly, last time you spoke at a EU public meeting, you had printed out your own outlines, and helped me carry the pm equipment upstairs, and talked about the difference between Moffatt and Moffitt.

Justin said...

I believe that the answer is One vowell.


Good to be connected to you.