Thursday, February 22, 2007

Artistic differences

Tim R were talking about the English reformation yesterday, when conversation turned to my previous post "Scoreboard bonanza" and the interesting way the reformers have been portrayed. We then noticed the difference in the two paintings below. The first painting is of this man, and the second is of this man. And although they follow each other in the same job (continuity), there is a staggering level of discontinuity between the two, as is evident in the paintings.

What do people think?


Martin Kemp said...

What book is open to Warham's left?

Moffitt the Prophet said...

Not too sure what it is. Looks like a list, maybe?

Any significance in Warham having the book open but to his side, whilst Cranmer is holding one of his three books?

Michael Canaris said...

The book to Warham's left looks more like a missal to me (note the dense writing on the page to the left - the writing on the page to the right of the book could be rubrics.)

While Cranmer's obviously studying, Warham looks as though he's presiding either at an Ante-Communion or at a Good Friday rite of Comemoration of the Lord's Passion.

byron said...

Cranmer's reading a prayer book (his own), with a Bible also in front of him. He's also directly gazing at the viewer and lacks the bejewelled crucifix and mitre of Warham.

Martin Kemp said...

Cranmer also has a copy of one of Augustine's works in front of him. A sly statement that the Reformers are the true heirs of the great Bishop and Doctor of the ancient church.