Friday, December 22, 2006

Covenental confusion

Well, it's all happening in merry/dreary England. The "conservative evangelicals" have laid their cards on table:

“A coalition of Evangelical and Charismatic Anglicans this week produced a covenant promoting ‘new, informal networks’ among churches that are unable to maintain fellowship with Anglicans with whom they disagree.The coalition includes Anglican Mainstream, Reform, the Church of England Evangelical Council, New Wine, and Crosslinks. It was said by Canon Chris Sugden of Anglican Mainstream to represent, in all, about 2000 congregations...”

The covenant itself has been signed by many members of the English clergy, who according to the ACL are quite well known and respected, including
Wallace Benn, John Stott, Dick Lucas, William Taylor, David Petersen, and Richard Bewes.

PFJ has supported it:

The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, has responded to news that leading evangelicals in the Church of England have met with the Archbishop of Canterbury and presented a Covenant promoting “new, informal networks” among churches that are unable to maintain fellowship with Anglicans with whom they disagree. Archbishop Jensen says he particularly supports local solutions to the present difficulties facing the Anglican Communion. As a result he can see value in local covenants that link like-minded Anglicans."

And local Sydney Anglicans have posted about it.

have replied to it, and NT Wright has made a bitterly sad response to the covenant.

Does anyone in the blogsphere have any insight to share on this matter?

10 points for naming the cathedral.


Chris Tilling said...

This is the forst I have heard of this, better get reading. Thanks for the links.

byron said...

Yorkminster. I have an almost identical shot (except for lack of blue sky...).

This is also the first I've heard about this. Will also have to get reading.

Moffitt the Prophet said...

Spot on Byron.

I heard about it a couple of days ago, but didn't make much of it till yesterday just as it started causing a stir in England (and Sydney).

michael jensen said...

Well: I have to say NTW's response is wide of the mark: although it does reflect the fact that he was unfortunately left out of discussions. However, if you are going to trade in non-evangelical theology, can you really expect evangelicals to lap it up?

;-) (just teasing!)

Moffitt the Prophet said...

Thanks Michael. NTW's response does look a little flushed...