Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unintelligent Design?

Has anyone read unintelligent design? Alison's mum recently has, and highly recommends it. For my part, although high lighting the scariness of religion and politics, I found that the book didn't really challenge the main premise of Christianity at all (i.e. the Lordship of Jesus and his historical life, death and resurrection). It seemed to have the Bush Administration and all that surrounds that in its sights, rather than the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

" Using all sorts of examples from the natural and scientific world Robyn Williams takes on the stalking monster of fundamentalist religion and creationism in a short, wicked and witty debunk of the nonsense that is intelligent design - a book to infuriate the religious right and amuse the rest of us." (Promotional blurb).

Maybe...or it might just bore us...How did other people find it?


tdix said...

My dad gave a talk on intelligent design engaging mostly with this book and one that was pro-intelligent design. I had a clash though so didn't hear it - haven;t read it either (I'm not too interested in the subject). I might be able to look at the notes or something and get back to you though.

spally knows little about intelligent design said...

I haven't found it anything.
I should read it so I can engage with my mother.

Anonymous said...

...and yet, if a Christian academic wrote a short and witty debunk of the nonsense that is evolution it would be deemed unscientific and highly offensive. Someone please write "The Darwinci Code".
And someone please tell Mr Williams that finding faults in a fallen world hardly disproves the fall.

Mike Bull